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A new approach
The significance of consciousness
in research and development.

Our thoughts and feelings are just as real as matter, but until now they have had little significance for scientific research. Scientists take their thoughts for granted, as tools for their life and work. 
The result of many years’ exploring shows that negative feelings that stem from painful memories, form negative, limiting thoughts that prevent us from believing in ourselves and prevent us from seeing what is possible. This means that such feelings, to a large degree, prevent us from stretching further than our current understanding.

This work represents a way of thinking beyond the present paradigm. Behind the work presented here, is a long lasting self-development work at a deep level.

Booklet. 44 pages. 12 euro + postage.

The secrets of the psyche.
Connections between body, mind and feelings

This book contains the self-development method described on these pages, including many examples on release work and how emotional pain needs to be worked through. It also contains many phenomena that the writer has found while she was exploring her own phyche and when she was guiding other people who has wanted to learn how to use the method.

The indruduction of the book shows new ways of thinking, containg many of the insights that the author achieved by releasing her emotional pain. The book sets out a new course on how  we can take care of our health, even in a future perspective.  MORE

Paperback 158 pages  ISBN 978-3-99064-534-5

16 euro + postage

The book will be sent from Norway the following weekday.

Silver pendant

This silver pendant is especially made for our webshop. It shows how the particles spin inside of our cells... the life energy that make our cells able to split, develop and live. A great symbol of Life.

The pendant is 2,2 cm in diameter an the chain is 44 cm. It is made by the silver artist Sabine Seifert.

  Silver pendant 35 euro + postage

CD The Inner Child

This CD contains guidance of relaxing your body deeply so that you get directly connected with your soul.

The inner child tecnique then follows. There are breaks so that you can work with self-development the way it is described on this website.

   The inner child  9 euro + postage