2015 An allegory showing particles' obvious conscious nature

2016 A bridge between science and religion?

2016 Does dark matter exist or is darkness only absence of light?

2013 Are Scientists afraid of approaching what life is?

2018 The emotions that are in our way, and in the way of scientific research.
May quantum physics may show the mechanisms of the human body?

2018 A new model of the universe and a new black hole theory

February 2019 A fable about the origin of existence
NEW: Introduction telling the author's comments.

Revised August 2021 A new perception of "God"

2018 May a change of perception of God lead to a better world?

2018 When the Creator descended on Earth

2018 When the Creator descended on Earth II


February 2023 What made the old Egyptians able to cut out and lift the big blocks of stone that the pyramids consist of?

February 2023 In the old Egyptian culture there was used an energy that is not known to the humans today.

Autumn 2022 Why Michelangelo's picture of Creation is not right.

Autumn 2022 Apocalypse - what does it really mean?

July 2021 How did consciousness occur? What is consciousness? What is the significance of feelings?

August 2021 What happens when we die?

2014 Discoveries about energy crosswise time and space A new view at the great pyramid in Giza

What is inside the molecular structure of grass, that is not inside the molecular structure of stone?

Inger's theories are based upon studies and discoveries done over a period of 16 years, studying life in philosophic ways, in many different angles, without being influenced by the prevailing perceptions or by media. She is engaged in conveying that she has discovered a number of things that science take for granted or ignore because of the ruling culture within research and teaching. 

Peace work

Inger is also engaged in peace work because she means that the life energy is the same for all humans. She says that the understanding of life energy is a platform to which all humans no matter creed, politics or culture can agree on.

She means that releasing emotions is a very fruitful contribution to world peace also, because most human beings carry a lot of emotional pain, which contributes to greed, selfishness, conflicts and wars. It is a key to make agreements and world peace.

Also, to work through and heal trauma, emotional wounds that occur during war,
The Keys of Liberation are splendid tools.

A dream about a peace centre