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Like archaeologists finding objects in the ground and interpret them related to what is found previously, the founder has found new knowledge about existence by asking new kind of questions related to atom physics.

She has kept on finding totally new knowledge about life and even about Cosmos by continuously asking new questions directed at universal consciousness. She has found several logic theories that would be interesting for scientific research.

The basic principles for the future academy are developed from the founder's experiences, philosophic considerations and unique release method that made her achieve expanded consciousness.  She claims, that to find answers to the basic questions about life, we need to think differently from what both science and religion do.

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These are basic principles:

 Acknowledgement of, that the human being consists of both visible and unvisible parts, i.e. body, thoughts and feelings. This is an axiom, which means a fact that cannot be proved by traditional scientific method. It is a self-evident truth. This is being ignored by science today. One takes thoughts for granted as tools for scientific work, without paying attention to what thoughts are.

  Acknowledgement of, that our thoughts are just as real as matter. Do we need to prove that we have thoughts? In the same way as mobile phone and television, our thoughts are real because they work. Our feelings are just as real as matter. Do you need proof of being angry, sad, afraid or full of love and pride?

  The idea that particles must have conscious qualities based upon the atom physic's knowledge about how particles' spin in the atoms of the nature elements and how they are able to form molecules. Inger Susaeg means that the electrons, neutrons and protrons must have been programmed in a far past to be able to perform matter. This shows the way to a totally new approach to existence and indicates a bridge between science and religion.

 Within biology sciences they have found out very much about the cells' functions, but still not found what life is. The founder's studies on and experiences about the human body shows that cells have a kind of consciousness, which starts in the first cell of an individual and continues as energy in every single cell as the propulsion for all life. The founder claims that It must have been programmed at the start of life on Earth.. 
Acknowledgement of, that there is energy inside all living beings and plants that make them grow and develop, that make everything that is alive different from matter. The logic-philosophic studies of the life energy shows that it contains appreciation of life in every single cell. Insights in how one's feelings influence the physical body and how the invisible energy system, consisting of ethereal energy works. 

Acknowledgement of the following method as universal principles: To recognise painful feelings (instead of suppressing pain), to forgive oneself, to forgive others, to ask of forgiveness, to appreciate oneself even if one carry painful feelings gives the possibility to let go of emotional pain. This method leads to expanded consciousness when being applied systematically. It is a condition when our soul and mind become directly connected so that one achieve a strong and clear intuition. In reality this means that one finds clear answers in one's inner being, that actually may be found far away as our soul is able to communicate directly to universal wisdom.

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These are suggestions on lecture themes:

Cell consciousness. What makes a little seed able to become a plant or a tree? What make cells able to start dividing and develop to individuals that are as different as they are on earth? A presentation about ethereal energy and how it is present in everything alive.

Inger claims that everything consists of particles, even our feeling energy, the driving force in human beings. She explains how feeling energy works in the human body and outside. She has found how the particles spin as feeling energy and would very much like to get in contact with scientists who study particles to find whether any of their finds actually are their own feelings' particles?

Is it really possible to prove that particles have kinds of consciousness? Yes, Inger says. She would like to meet scientists from all disciplines within the nature sciences to explain and to show what supports the allegation.

Life energy. There is something that make us alive, which makes us able to grow and develop. There is something in everything alive, which still is not known to science. Inger claims to have found the answer by logic reasoning and by thinking differently from what traditional science do. What she has found, will have great impact on all scientific research. 

Enlightenment or expanded consciousness means ability to get information directly from the universal consciousness. Inger achieved that in 2007, but have not been listened to by people of science or media yet. She can explain how to get access to universal consciousness. It is a condition when you get access to true insights in most areas of life, even the universe, depending on how hard you work and how willing you are to achieve it. When achieving this, you can even have conscious connection to your own body cells. The Keys of Liberation 

About release of irrational fear - angst. Inger's deep work with herself led to that she discovered how angst occur and what is needed to dissolve it completely. She discovered a phenomenon that she calls Gordian knots in the psyche. They are created by situations when we experienced a disasterous outcome after having had loving and positive intentions. It creates a "lawfulness" in the subconscious of the person, a conviction that things are the way the pain says. MORE


The one day seminar offers an introduction to the method Inger Susaeg developed to release emotional pain. It is appropriate for you who want to learn how your emotions affect your body. This course can advantageously be joined by health professionals in terms of insight into their own and others' psyche. It offers a theoretical introduction to the method Keys of Liberation that are described in the book "The Secret of the Psyche"

Two days seminar provide an introduction to personal use of the Keys of liberation. It is for small groups and includes to learn how to apply the method in your own life. This means that the participants must be prepared to go into their feelings during the seminar, to experience how to use these tools. This is a seminar for you who really want to develop, either for the purpose of better life quality or to achieve better clarity related to research and new ideas. 8 participants.


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