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One of the most interesting finds is how particles spin inside of our cells as life energy.


A book about the connections between  body, mind and feelings

"A book that concerns all
- and challenges science! "

What makes pain occur in our body? To find out, Inger had to learn to think in a different way. She threw away the happy pills she was told to take to reduce anxiety and started to observe how her thoughts and feelings influenced her body. This book presents what she found through 9 years work.

By releasing her emotions very thoroughly through several years, (2004-2007) Inger found some interesting irrational phenomena in our psyche. She found a way to work through the contradictions, which led to complete release of  mental patterns. 

Inger Susaeg is a visionary writer living in North of Norway. Up through life, she has worked with drama and art with children, young people and adults. It brought her to become a drama professor at Nord university, a profession she finds useful also when giving lectures and creating exhibitions. During the last years, she has given workshops and lectures and guided people who want to learn how they can take responsibility for their lives in a new way.

Having achieved expanded consciousness by the use of  this method, she is able to find new astonishing answers to the eternal questions. The book also contains the method she used to release herself, including many examples from her work, both with clients and her personal release.



Chapter 3   What is life?

What is the difference between a human body and a sculpture? There must be «something» that makes us human beings to live, whilst the things around us are «dead» and static. When we study this with philosophical eyes, we find that growth is what divides. It is development. It is movement. It is propulsion.  From this, we can conclude that there is something in the human, in the animal and in the flower that is not in stone and metal. This “something” must be there in addition to the atomic and molecular structure. We remember what we learned in nature science lessons; it is energy that provides propulsion and movement. In other words, this “something” must be a kind of energy.

As we see, life energy is easily evident when we ask questions about existence. There is no doubt that it’s there. It’s a riddle for me that science, until now seem to have neglected this angle by the human being.  Where medical science stands today it seems as if life energy is seemingly invisible because we are used to take it for granted. As long as we look for something we can measure by an instrument, we may need to search for a long time… but if we ask: What kind of energy is providing for propulsion? Gasoline? Coal? The mechanical thinking keeps us stuck in old thinking. The prevailing thinking may say that food is the energy that gives propulsion. Yes, it is, related to the biological devices we are, but if we think non-mechanical, and think about ourselves as the wonderful versatile beings that we are; what is then the driving force in human beings?

It is our feelings and thoughts!

Our feelings make us want to do something, and not something else. It is our thoughts that make us able to reflect, reason and draw conclusions. We do that, among other things based on feelings. It’s our feelings that make us like something so that we develop in one direction and not in another. It is our feelings that make us grow and “bloom”! I have found that it is primarily our feelings that are the driving force for life itself. From that I have drawn the conclusion – and discovered by my own self-development work, that the life energy must be some kind of feeling energy. A basic energy form that we haven’t explored because we take it for granted? - Because our feelings are a subjective, private part of the human that cannot be measured or weighted?

It is actually rather obvious, and we have all experienced it: Negative feelings lead to negative thoughts that make our energy to halt. When we are depressed, we don’t want to do anything at all. Then we have very little propulsion. Positive feelings and thoughts make us happy and give us energy to express and develop. 

To find out more about what life energy really is, I have approached it through the following reasoning. All human beings all over the world have life energy whatever religion, culture or nation they belong to. The life energy simply let life unfold whatever human beings do. Not even humans who kill other humans loose the life energy so that they die. From this, I have concluded that the life energy is an accepting energy.

Another feature that everybody can observe: The life energy doesn’t take side in conflicts. It is in all human beings, even in those who are in war with each other. It is in other words a neutral, non-judging energy, or humans who do bad things to one another would loose their life energy.

Thus it is up to us to choose how we use the gift that life is. It is we humans who judge. Why do we do that, you may ask. That’s exactly what this book is about. I have found that the emotional wounds that we carry along make us create conflicts, criticize and judge each other.

Think about this: Even if we do something criminal or stupid, our heart doesn’t stop beating. Our body continues to live, seemingly as before, even if we do really nasty things. However, only seemingly… because most people are affected by the fact that they are doing something that harms or hurts others. The energy that sustains the body is the same, while our emotions, and thus our thoughts, change. Guilt, despair, shame, fear, self-criticism or sorrow of what we did would affect our whole life. When someone continues to have life energy, even after doing awful acts such as killing, we can characterize the life energy as forgiving ... otherwise the person would experience to die immediately - or shortly thereafter?

Let’s do a thought experiment.

If someone you know well…

-              Accepts you just the way you are…

-              Let you unfold just the way you want…

-              Allow you to be the one you are without judging you…

-              Forgive you when you do stupid things…

What do they do then? They love you without demands. Unconditional love. That is the way we can describe the nature of the life energy. An energy that gives and gives life. – Which continues to let life on Earth grow and develop. These considerations all together have made me draw the conclusion that the basic life energy in the human being is love.


Love is the driving force in life! Sure, that fits with the perception of most of us. Perhaps that is why we long for love if we don’t have it?

As I have worked with these issues, I have discovered another aspect of the life energy. I think it contains joy.  This opinion is based on observations related to my work as drama teacher. An exercise where I ask the participants to fill themselves with joy while they walk around looking at the floor and stoop their necks, is almost impossible to do. They simply must move and many of them just have to laugh. Try it! When the participants get the order to be sad whilst walking with straight back and open and easy posture, they have big problems to carry out the exercise. Through this they discover something crucial in themselves: - The feelings are situated in the entire body and the body’s natural condition is to be happy. A happy human being feels the need of being it with the entire body. Both by my own release work and when guiding others I have discovered a quivering joy when a trauma* is released and a negative thought pattern is gone. It also indicates that the life energy contains joy.

An experience that made me convinced about another aspect by the nature of the life energy, is an experience I had during a meditation. I have hardly meditated at all up through my life, so the happening I refer to is unique. The task I had got was to meditate at a flower and I chose a coltsfoot* when it awakens to life at the roadside in the spring. I closed my eyes and sat a long while to imagine that I was the coltsfoot… and suddenly I was it really!   I felt like the thick, leaf-shaped stem and the beaming, yellow crown. – And I was filled with a tremendous sense of love by being a coltsfoot, joy to delight those who came on the road and saw me - and the pride of being a beautiful coltsfoot! - A powerful experience that taught me a lot about existence, to which I have related in many cases later. The experience was so strong that I do not doubt that it contains true information - even if it was subjective.

Therefore I am convinced that life energy, not only contains love and joy, but pride also. Think how proud young children can be at what they manage... and how sorry they are if we do not have time to look at them or what they want to show us. I think that this also underlines a feature of the energy that life is.  I mean this, because young children have not been able to limit the life energy because of emotional wounds, like so many adults have.

Another important feature that I have observed by life energy: Every single moment we have the possibility to live a new moment - and then a new. It is up to every one of us to choose to do things different every single moment. The life energy is there for us in the present. Physical life is actually only being lived in the present. Everything that was, are experiences and memories. What come are plans, hopes and dreams. However, everything that is behind us also contains the wounds that form the experience of the present. Therefore our thoughts contain, not only optimism and wealth of ideas, but limitations formed by the wounds, like lack of trust, prejudices and worry for what might happen.

The studies of life energy have shown me what makes life difficult for humans, are small and big painful memories. They make us hold on to the past so that they prevent us from life joy and life multitude. It means that the wounds we carry prevent us from being the way life energy is, which is love, joy and pride. Can you see, that it is the painful feelings that we carry from the situations in our lives, that prevent the life energy so that we get ill and eventually die?

My discovery actually is, that illness occurs as a result of feelings that have got "stuck" because they are not worked through and released, but suppressed. Our nature is to feel pleasant, so we'd rather not feel the bad feelings, but I've found that is what we have to learn, if we want to stay healthy and live a long life.

When I discovered what I have described above, I had already for a long time worked to love myself. I had read it and knew intuitively that it is important, but I didn’t realize at that time why it is so important. Within the last two years, after I understood that particles are conscious, I have had several aha-experiences. I have found that the key to what life energy is, lies in every single cell. There must be programmings on all cells that make them contain love when life starts. The driving force behind growth and development is already present in the fertilized egg cell. From biology we know that it divides and the two cells have the same qualities as the first. Then the cells continue to divide and after a certain numbers of dividing they have ability to different functions. At the same time in each of them there is a kind of self-preservation / energy that causes them to continue to grow, develop, cooperate to renew, repair and enable cell structure. Based on these considerations, I believe that life energy is love in every single cell.


From the introduction: During the last hundred years several “invisible phenomenon” have come into being, devices that weren’t thinkable before they emerged as a result of technological development. This started with the ordinary telephone, then came the radio, then television. Now we take mobile phones, computers and broadband for granted without giving many thought to the technology behind the devices.

We experience ourselves in the same way.  Most of us take life for granted and assume that it continues for us until the day comes when something doesn’t work. We cannot just replace ourselves, like we do with mobile phones. Science actually knows a highly developed technology behind a variety of invisible energy forms that we benefit from and enjoy, while the “technology” behind what makes us alive and creates life seems to be a mystery.