Summer 2021, I presented an exhibition in Fauske, a town east of Bodø, (the nearest airport). Fauske is a small town by E6 (the main road through Northern Norway. You find it next to Shell gas station). The exhibition will last until August 1st.

What was new, were posters and videos about the very exciting finds that I have done over the last 5 years. "The bridge between science and religion", "The fable about the origin", "The Life energy", "The etheric energy" which contains a bit about what happen when we die?. 

A dream about a peace centre   Universal qualities 
Peace starts with every one of us

If you have about 6 m2 free wall close to where Inger gives a lecture, she can bring along a playful approach as a little exhibition. It shows how the “Questionson” family ask simple question about the things we take for granted. It is meant for a hall where people pass or are present, so that people passing by can get impulses from her work.

Link to a previous exhibition in Norway


This is an example of Ingers presentations. A previous work made on her way to where she is now.


Are scientists afraid of approaching what life really is?

A playful metaphor showing the conscious abilities of particles.

Universal qualities