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physics state that matter actually is vibrating space, only seemingly firm. The distance between the nucleus and the electrons in atoms is huge compared to the size of particles.

This is very interesting to take a closer look at when it comes to nature. If you look at your hand, it must contain more than the molecules that the cells consist of? If the cells only consisted of molecules, they would be like dead material. However, your hand can move, it can act on your behalf, the nails grow and the skin renews itself.

What is inside the molecular structure that our cells consist of, that make us grow, develop and move?

The answer to this question you can get in Inger Susæg’s most interesting theories after having studied life processes for many years. Her approach to cells is different from all other ways of research. This is what is astonishing: She claims that it was important not to be educated at university level in any science discipline to be able to find the insights she has achieved by her work. Then she would have got caught by the "established truths", she says.

What is inside of your hand, that is not in the things around you?


Are Scientists afraid of approaching what life really is?


Inger claims that she has found two different kinds of particle spin inside the vibrational space of the human body. She calls the two energy forms

*      Ethereal energy, which is the energy that makes all living cells alive. She can explain how the spinning pattern changes according certain circumstances.

*      Feeling energy, which is the energy giving driving force to personal growth and to direction in life.


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