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Starting to use the Keys of Liberation in your daily life is a challenge, but also a gift. Are you willing to really face your feelings when you get angry, sad or feel guilt?  Are you willing to be totally honest with yourself? If you say yes to both these questions, you are on your way.

To start with, you might feel that you need to do the opposite of what you think. You are probably used to pull yourself together, not to cry and to go on not showing your feelings. In the middle of a painful situation, it might be the best to start with. - But as soon as you come home or to a place where you can be by yourself, you can stop and let your feelings flow.

The challenge is to do things in a new way.

When strong feelings come forth, it might be an old memory being triggered and the best is, not to project anger and blame on to the person that caused them, even if it feels right. Our feelings may easily get much stronger than needed because the reason of our reaction may have it's root in something that happened long time ago! The anger may be self anger. The blame may come from our own guilty conscious.

Be patient with yourself! When you really start learning to think this way, you will probably not be able to stop! You will see that releasing every emotion that is hidden inside, is a goldmine to inner growth, to insights in life in a completely new way. It is when learning how you apply the Keys of liberation you need willpower. Read about the method many times, so that you really understand.