Groundbraking lectures

In the beginning,
everything in existence was ONE light mass

That was before what the phycisits call "The big bang" and what they regard as an explosion. They observe what they think is an expansion in Cosmos.
I am of another perception after having learned to communicate with all layers of consciousness. I am convinced that Cosmos consists of light particles that once in the biginning of existence was ONE light mass and that it was a thought intention that started the expansion, not an explosion.

Today I communicate directly with the conscious energy that put in action what we perceive as existence. It chose to devide itself into master consciousnesses that developed what we know as the physical universe, the life energy and the soul energy (our feelings). Several other masters emanated from the very first consciousness and they developed different ways of behavior. The very fist particle that put it all into action have had an enormous responsibility... How did that conscious energy make it?
Everything in existens is, as if it is that first point of consciousness' "body".  How can we understand God in this picture?

Egyptology in a new light*
Through my release work I have experienced many earlier lives in the old Egyptian culture. They were stored as traumas / memories in my cells' memory. I have discovered that the interpretations of finds and hieroglyphs are not in alignment with my work.
The old Egyptians communicated with higher dimensions and descended and ascended masters were actually god-beings. They used energies that we don't know today. The ankh was a tool with which they could change and cut physical matter, not a symbol. Pharaohs and high priests were able to change physical objects by the help of the ankh. How was actually the great pyramid in Giza built? What was its purpose?
A lecture with a totally new angel into history.
*See bottom of this page.

My first meeting with the pyramid was in 1973 

King Arthur, illustration by N.C. Wyeth for
the book The Boy's King Arthur

What was actually the holy grail?
Why was it so important to find it?

Was it seemingly the wish of having magical power that made king Arthur send his knights to the holy land to look for the cup that Jesus used at the last supper and maybe was used to gather his blood? King Arthur searched for something he had experienced as a young boy when he pulled the big sword out of stone that made him king... Magical power.   - When you think about it... do you think the magic could be in the cup or in the blood?

I am convinced that they did not search for a cup at all, but a certain tool. It was the tool that made Jesus able to manifest by concentrating his thoughts. It was a tool that contained a very strong energy and that he learned to use at the end of 5 years of studies at the Egyptian Academy of Enlightenment.  where he educated to be an ascended master. Moses used a similar tool when he made the sea devide - and when he manifested manna on the ground for the israelites to eat. In Egyptian hieroglyphs the tool is pictured as an ankh.
The lecture is based upon release work through many years, by direct contact with the master that was present on Earth as King Arthur. It is also based upon direct contact with the master who grounded the old Egyptian culture, Thoth.

Forgiveness is what the world needs most of all

Is it possible to learn to forgive? We who have lived for a while, have learned to ask of forgiveness when we have done something wrong or when we feel bad about something. I wonder if it still is the curriculum in schools around the world?

Along the way in my release work I discovered that it is just as important to forgive oneself. It is what we regret that makes us  criticize ourselves subconsciously... which leads to criticizm of others. Is it possible to forgive the "unforgiveable"? This lecture is based upon many years of self-development and coaching other people in personal processes.  MORE

It is a part of my vision to build peace centres around the world where people can learn forgiveness based upon the history I know from above.. why the world became the way it is, as a part of its contents.

The lecture is about many years of work with understanding the human nature, body, mind and feelings. It is also about how we, when we work systematically with ourselves, achieve constantly better insights, not only in our own life, but in a big perspective.


Where negative thoughts come from
In this lecture I give examples on how I was struggling with such thoughts for many years - and how I got rid of them.
They came from my emotional wounds, situations when I had felt inferior and offended. I discovered that I had to allow myself thoroughly, to feel the feelings that I had suppressed in memories in my childhood, youth an up through my life. They had been too tough when experiencing them to be able to face them then..

This can be a subject in the higher classes in school so that everybody can learn how to relate to their feelings in a new way and how to help each others handle difficult situations instead of suppressing the feelings that relates from them. 

Maybe you are the person who gather a group of people to the workshop to start a
world peace wave?

Let's start a world peace process by finding what we all can agree about, that we have in common? (workshop)

All human beings, no matter creed they belong to, are able to agree on what we have in common as human beings. We have thoughts and feelings and we live in a human body. What more can we agree on crosswise religions and cultures?

Instead of focusing at what differs us, the way it is in most cases today, we can find what is the same and basic for all human beings, LIFE itself. The fact that we live. We need to stop and help each other changing attitudes by asking questions that lead to the same conclusions, wherever we live in the world.
What is life energy? This is not about some medical explanation, but a philosophical reasoning, which really gives hope. It's because the life energy is NEUTRAL; it does not take part in conflicts.

As introduction Inger gives a lecture about what she has found out about life energy and how knowledge about life energy can build bridges between people from all religions and cultures.
Then there is a workshop led by Inger in playful creative ways, where the participants contribute with their own ideas about how to create peace by basing on what we alle have in common. The purpose is to create a start of a wave... a snowball rolling to create one mutual understanding that can spread from place to place, from town to town, from country to country!


A dream about a peace centre

How and why did the religions occur?
Why can't a god-being just come down to settle this mess, so that we can get peace and justice in the world?
In ancient times descended masters actually  came from the ethereal, invisible dimension (called heaven by religions) to walk around in physical bodies on Earth. They created cultures and religions. It started to happen already when the first human beings were developed from an advanced monkey species in the continent that was situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at that time. 

It gave us as a species, the archetypical feeling that someone could fix things for us, someone who were better than us... M

An explanation about how the masters in the ethereal dimension work and how they now are about to find new ways to reach the human minds, so that we can work together towards world peace. They agree on that it is necessary to create one common consciousness to be able to do so. They are about to do that at the particle level of humanity.
The lecture is based upon contact with the higher didmensions through many years.


The picture is from the TV-series Star Trek,
which crew members from Sirius ships say resemble their ships a bit.

UFO 's and the invisible worlds.

This lecture is about a type of energy that is invisible for our physical eyes, but it is not difficult to prove when we think differenly from what we are used to. It is because life could not exist unless there is conscious, ethereal energy in our cells. It is the energy with which we travel on when we die. In the world where we live after the physical life on Earth, we are light beings. So are the beings coming to visit planet Earth in light ships. Only in a few cases they have lowered their vibration so that they were visible.
This lecture is about my contact with these light ships and with the different beings that exist in the invisible dimensions around our planet. How do the light ships function? Do the dead people have contact with the light ships? Sure, they have!


Inger Susæg  All rights reserved

* Already in 1973, when I was in The Great Pyramid in Giza for the first time, I carried in my cells' memory, the memories of Thoth's life. He is the master who was responsible of building the pyramid by the help of thought power. He was the man who founded the old Egyptian culture and mystery school where they learned to exceed matter. Thoth's was one of the first souls I released. For a long time I thought it was my own former lifetime showing up because the feelings were strong and as if they were my own. But then, after having released an enormous grief and anger over having been betrayed, he was able to find back to himself and his pride of being the great master that he is. He is fully himself in the higher dimensions now, and in the lead of the new etheric dimension around the Earth where the dead people reside. They now learn true particle wisdom and how to manifest their own etheric home by their thoughs. His feelings are no longer mine, but I communicate with him with the help of my intuition. (A direct vibrational channel between the energy field and the mind at the back of the head.) When he wants to tell me something, I pick up his thoughts immediately.
He has plans to show himself as a holographically in the future. Maybe he shows up as a vibational field on my lectures? He wants to find a way to show and prove the connection between the dimensions when the particles are ready to spin as energy, visible for physical eyes.  

  Inger Susæg  All rights reserved



In the lecture, Inger tells about how they look like, about their energy, how they live and their influence on earth's population today and through history.


Aliens are of other types of energy

Extraterrestrials have come to planet Earth through the entire human history. There are 5 main groups that are different from each other. They have developed from different masters, independent from each other, far back in time (except one).  In a Cosmic  perspective, the humans are a rather young species. The groups come from:

  • Pleiades. They have through history mostly stayed in lightships, but thir kingdom is now in the middle of a change.
  • Sirius, which has two planets where they reside at the shadowside when they are not in ships, because they are light-beings who need shadow to be able to exist.
  • Angel kingdom is on a planet at the opposite side of our galaxy. They too live at the shadow side. They do not live in ships, but move between their planet and Earth my the help of master angels.
  • The Lemurian kingdom is born by a star closer to the centre of the galaxy..Kryon is the leading master there. Those are the ones that make crop circles.
  • The new-pleiadeans.They are a daughter kingdom of the Pleiadean kingdom that has been born by our nearest star, Alpha Centauri. They have a planet, called Centaurus. This is a new group, that have only existed for 300 years.

They have come here in what is called lightships because their world is non-physical. Still they are able to show physical signs of their presence. All these groups have incarnated on earth, which means, individuals from there have been born in human babies and have functioned as "normal" humans as long as they are on Earth.

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The spinning pattern of etheric energy is actually
inside of  every single living cell,
or it would not be alive.
It is the reason it is called the Flower of Life.